Total Fitness Tips – Keys to Getting Into Great Shape

Everyone wants to be healthy. For most of us, being healthy has come to simply mean not getting sick and pretty much being able to do what we want to do everyday. Such a notion may seem too simplistic, but on the face of an ever-growing number of highly-stressed individuals, it seems to work well as a general guide.

If you really want to get technical about it, the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports defines total fitness as “the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue and with ample energy to enjoy leisure time pursuits and to meet unforeseen emergencies.” The American Heart Association says it’s “a state of body efficiency enabling a person to exercise vigorously for a long time period without fatigue.”

Obviously, total fitness is more than being able to workout a couple of hours each day. It’s a state of body and mind that allows an individual to function at his or her most optimum everyday. It encompasses the whole of life. Total fitness is not some exercise regimen. It’s a lifestyle.

So how do you achieve total fitness? Here five ways:

1. Right Attitude.

This is the first step towards getting totally fit. It is the mind that dictates how a person wants his or her life run. If he wants to be fit and healthy, the conscious decision to behave in a manner that runs consistently with such a philosophy must first be mentally mapped out before it can be carried to fruition. The right attitude is the first crucial step towards achieving total fitness.

2. Regular Exercise.

Physical vigor cannot be achieved by sitting down. Keeping physically active through exercise boosts metabolism and gives an individual the necessary energy to accomplish the tasks that need to be done. Exercise is crucial in reducing your risk of dying prematurely and suffering from debilitating ailments like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and tons of others. Not only does exercise reduce depression and anxiety, it also makes individuals happier and psychologically more prepared to cope with life’s challenges.

3. Healthy Diet.

A healthy from a variety of sources ensures that the body receives adequate nutrient supply to function at its most optimum level. Grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish and dairy should all have a place in a person’s total fitness program. Even the occasional burger or ice cream or French fries can be thrown in. The key is not to overeat on anything. Water is also a must.

4. Stress Management

One of the hindrances that prevent most individuals from achieving total fitness is stress. Work-related stresses account for high rates of substance and alcohol abuse as well as both physical and psychological ailments. If total fitness is to be achieved, stress management is not only necessary, it is also crucial. Keeping priorities and getting organized are just some of the ways to prevent stress. To de-stress, one can indulge in massages, practice meditation and set aside a private time to reconnect with oneself.

5. Prayer

Belief in God or a Being higher than oneself might seem outdated in today’s modern world, but research has consistently proven that people who pray are the ones who are most able to cope with problems and hurdle insurmountable odds. Perhaps it is because prayer releases them from the pressure of having to do things on their own. Those who pray also believe that if they ask, someone who is all-powerful can give them what they need. Total fitness does not only include the body and mind, it takes the soul in consideration too.

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